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Welcome to Cayenne Vizsla's website. We are Steve and Kay Hartley from Mansfield, Texas. Our life with vizsla's began in 1999, when we were looking for a pet for our youngest son. Little did we know how different our lives would be from that moment on.  Vizsla's have completely changed our lives and our lifestyle since the day they first entered our home. We currently compete in Conformation, Field Trials, and Hunt Tests. We believe the primary purpose for breeding is to improve the breed. When we breed, we strive for the dual quality dog that is competitive in both field and show. Health and temperament are of equal importance to us, therefore all our dogs have hips and elbows OFA certified.

We are members of: Vizsla Club of America, Trinity Valley Vizsla Club, Texas Gulf Coast Vizsla Club, Show Me Vizsla Club and the National Vizslas Association.

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